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Have a talent?  We'll take it! 

From creating to funding,  organizing to public relations, we have a place for you. It takes each of us, playing a specific role to be able to operate efficiently and achieve our goal of serving children within 24 hours of a request for our services. Luggage of Love is operating in five Southwest Washington counties. There are a total of 10 agencies impacted by our services. Without committed and passionate volunteers, we would not be as successful as we are, or able to serve as many children. 


Our volunteers use their precious time, talents and financial resources month after month. They deliver bags on a moment's notice, sew pillowcases and make blankets. We have artists and quilters. Children are excited to make hand made cards and display their artwork on the labels we attach to each bag. Groups and service clubs put together full Comfort Bags and diaper bags. We have organizers keeping our storage tidy. We have cheerleaders spreading the word in an effort to increase funding. 


Listed below are some of the things we could use help with. If you have any interest, please reach out to us. Let us know which county in Washington State you live or work, what interest you have and time commitment available. 

Fund Development

County/Agency Liaison 

Increase awareness in your community about Luggage of Love

Organize workshops with your church, service club or group


Join/Chair a committee

Video Production/Media Manager




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