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Volunteering as a CASA, our founder saw her case children continually coming into care with their sparse belongings in garbage bags. Already a tragic, traumatic situation, garbage bags....really? 

Seemed like a simple thing to remedy. So, with help from three friends, and $100.00 seed money, Luggage of Love was born.

Initially, new duffel bags were delivered to the local Department of Children, Youth and Families ( DCYF). The intent was to have the children coming into care, use the duffel bags and toss the garbage bags, offering some dignity. It worked.

Fast forward from March 25th, 2014 to today. Luggage of Love's "Comfort Bag", now includes items time tested to bring hope and joy to a child facing uncertain times. A child who is experiencing trauma and often anxiety. Comfort and essential items ease the transition.

Pillow and case- new, fresh, theirs to keep! No other heads have lain on this pillow! Blanket to match, a new hair brush-(no sharing with other kids) and other items specifically chosen for these children. And of course, the original duffel bag.

No More Garbage Bags! 



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