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Projects for Children



What you'll need:

Card stock-three colors, white, blue and pink

Ribbon- 6" for each tag

Hole punch

Paper cutter

Cut an approximate 2"x5 " rectangle to make the tag

Punch a hole at the top, insert and tie ribbon, leaving one end open to allow for attaching to the comfort bag.

Decorate one side only.

What you'll need:

Card stock- white or light colors

Decorating supplies

Motivational, caring words to print inside

Fold card stock in half or quarters

Decorate as you wish!

No envelope necessary

Hand Made Bag Tags...the best!
Thoughtful cards to include in each bag.

What you'll need:

White or light color card stock, cut into approximate 1 1/2"x8" strips

Paper cutter

Decorating supplies

Cut strips of card stock

Decorate one or both sides



                Delivery options

Bring to: 1414 16th Ave-Longview, WA 98632

Mail to PO Box 367- Kalama, WA 98625

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